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Inovatiqa Corporation is a one stop shop for all medical equipment and supplies. Our core products range from Medical, Dental, Surgical to Pharmaceutical and Laboratory solutions. With over 200 healthcare manufacturer’s products available to order on one purchase order, INOVATIQA helps you remain market competitive. Bundle your purchases from manufacturers like 3M, BD, PDI, Smith & Nephew and many more!
Our diverse portfolio is supported by some of the nation’s prominent GPOs and associations in the industry we thrive in. We believe in conducting business with integrity and honesty which is becoming non-existent in today’s modern world. We are a socially responsible organization and hope to inspire future generations to follow suit.
Through collaboration and innovation, our aim is to make a positive impact and continue our journey of doing the right thing at all costs.
Inovatiqa thrives in the vast Healthcare realm as a provider of Medical and Laboratory Equipment and supplies. Every day we strive to serve our partners beyond industry standards through value innovation. By offering a total solution for our customer needs, promoting emotional benefits in our corporate culture and believing in reshaping our industry conditions, we competitively differentiate ourselves from the lot.
Perceiving a world where healthcare is affordable and accessible for all.
Integrity: At the heart of Inovatiqa is integrity. We believe in conducting business with honesty and probity. We implement this culture using a ‘top-down’ approach. Keeping our promises and owning our shortcomings is what helps define us. For us, integrity is not only a corporate responsibility rather a, personal one. Doing the right thing might be challenging, but we envision a world where everyone does.

Personal Engagement: In a world that is constantly evolving and adopting new technologies, we believe in being emotionally and physically present for our customers. Our primary focus is on value creation rather than revenue extraction. Through this, our goal is to be empathetic towards our customer needs and hence create a bond that goes deeper than just a business transaction.

Service: At Inovatiqa, we don’t believe that our job is done once the product is sold. On the contrary, we are continuously thinking of ideas and ways to innovate and provide exceptional service. To achieve this, we instill a mind set and create an environment where employees are motivated to go beyond the scope of their roles. This helps create a higher purpose and empowers our employees to deliver service not limited to set rules but improvise according to the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Technology and Innovation: “What drives us…” In order to compete in the world of today, businesses have to rely heavily on technology and innovation. This value is fundamental to our corporate culture, so much so, that we coined our brand after ‘Innovation’. We strive to stay abreast of all the technological developments and invest to discover avenues that will help improve our business processes consistently.